Lunch with a Famous Ornithologist

This program is designed to partner students with established ornithologists in an effort to build camaraderie among people working in the same field, help students learn keys to success, and provide students a contact person with whom to confer throughout the meeting.  Students get to choose from a list of professional ornithologists who have volunteered for the mentor program, and each student is paired with one professional from their “wish list.”  Discussion topics are provided to the students in order to get the conversation rolling. 

This year we expect to host approximately 50 participants this year with funds provided by the Society for Conservation Biology.  Each ornithologist will be partnered with one or two students.  They will meet Tuesday, August 5th at noon at the registration desk and then move to a local Greek restaurant.  A kick-off meeting may also be scheduled to allow participants to meet face to face for the first time and to discuss the goals of the mentor program.

Partnerships will be made about a month before the meeting allowing participants to contact one another and begin conversations that will continue at the meeting.  This year's professionals are listed below.  Registration for this event is now closed.